about WoodMill

WoodMill is a small design firm based in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area focusing on branding and graphic design. The creative lead is Dustin Wood, who grew up in a small rural town in Illinois, nowhere near Chicago. After learning HTML and Photoshop on his own, he figured out that he could make his hobby his career and got a degree in web design and another one in graphic design.


Throughout the last 20 years Dustin has worked at a few advertising and design agencies, working on projects for clients such as Bowling Green State University, Sochi 2014 Olympics, University of Illinois, Red Gold Tomatoes, Borders Bookstores, General Motors, Rose Acre Farms, McGraw Hill, USA Track and Field, USA Rowing, Newell Brands/Ball Mason Jars, and WRKBKS.

The name WoodMill comes from the last name, Wood, and a combination of a saw mill. A saw mill takes raw wood and cuts it up to be used in a wide array of projects. Dustin is also a well-rounded designer who also has skills to work on a wide array of projects from print design, digital and web design, photography, motion graphics, video cinematography and editing, and anything in between. WoodMill churns out design projects, not 2×4’s.

Meet Rosalie

Recently Dustin became a family man. He and his wife welcomed Rosalie in September of 2023. Because of this, Dustin has shifted his focus to work for himself and not for a traditional agency so that he can watch his daughter grow as much as possible.