WRKBKS – Notes. Simplified.



Work Done

WRKBKS (Workbooks) is part of the WoodMill family. For years I’ve struggled with taking notes, so I designed purpose-built notebooks that do the organizing for you. I’ve designed them to easily slip into pockets. While the idea of these notebooks isn’t new, many are just too large to keep on you at all times.

The long-term goal of WRKBKS is to create as many different subjects as possible, from keeping track of your health, tracking hobbies, keeping your personal life organized, and making sure you know exactly what you need to do at your job. As of right now, there are five offerings. A Golf Log, a Film Photography Log, a Workout Log, a Daily Task Planner, and a Crypto Log. More are planned and in development.

The challenge was finding a print vendor who could do shorter runs. The first book I completed was the Golf Log. I initially asked the printer to print 25 as I wasn’t sure how well they would sell. But by the time I gave the final files to the printer, I had them print 100 of them. I had to place a second order for another 100 after 6 months. 6 months after that, I ordered 250 more. My goal is to order 1,000+ of one book. That’s where the savings and the higher quality printing come into play. And don’t think these aren’t already good quality; my Etsy reviews say so.

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